Elevation Studio

Toronto Studio Production and Post-Production Services

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We provide state-of-the-art media studios for film and music in Toronto, Canada for various kinds production and post-production needs. We have all the equipment you’ll need for recording, editing, and other production processes. Our studios also specialize in the production of promotional videos, television commercials, films, music videos, compositing, and graphics. With our help, you can promote your brand through videography services, content creation, establishing an online presence, and improved marketing strategies.

Bring us your production needs and we will definitely give you all the tools you need to create the best product you can. Equipment and technology are no issue; let your creative genius come through without any worries or setbacks.

Our Studios

Completing a video or music project, no matter how simple or complicated, entails the use of high-quality equipment and facilities. We provide sound-proofed recording studios and cutting-edge technologies for dubbing, sound-mixing, recording, editing, and other production needs. You can have full use of great microphones from RODE, Audix, and AKG, as well as ReAmpers DI boxes that can help you reach your full creative potential. There is also a great selection of musical instruments and amps from the best brands.

You can edit your videos and films using our complete and well-serviced media suite. We can provide you with iMacs and the latest software to aid you in video editing.

Our Services

Aside from providing state-of-the-art studios and equipment, we also offer several media solutions to aid you in marketing and the publication of your work. We can also provide you with photography and marketing services, utilizing the services Jules Marketing and Design, Inc.  To increase your web presence, we can provide website design services and hosting. You can streamline your entire project from our facilities in the most efficient way

Our videography services are also topnotch and can help you fully realize your plans and projects. We can help you with storyboards, scriptwriting, filming, casting, music selection, and shot.

Our Body of Work

movie-reels-and-popcornOver the years, we have built our business on performing our duties well and keeping our clients satisfied. We have aided in multiple commercials and video promotions at the local as well as national level. We have helped edit multiple films, produce albums, and launch new musicians. Our work is of consistently high quality and we are always updated on new technologies and innovations in techniques, software, and

We take pride in being part of the creative process. There is nothing better than starting from scratch and working until the project ends with an excellent final product. With us, you can expect the best quality of service, starting from the facilities we provide to the finishing touches on your

Contact Us

If you’re starting a project, or you’d like to finally finish one, you can call us or visit us at our offices to set up a meeting on how we can help you move forward.

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